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Eye Care Sevices

The eye examination does much more than just test your vision. In fact, your eyes can be portals that offer a glimpse of your overall health. Many diseases show early signs in the eyes, including cardiovascular health and diabetes. Following your eye examination, the optometrist will advise you of your own specific requirements.
Not all lenses are the same. Getting the right lenses is essential and should be your first consideration when choosing glasses.
Whether you’re active, sporting or simply feel like refining your personal look, contact lenses offer an exceptional, practical alternative. Firstsight have the ranges and the knowledge to help you make exactly the right selection for you.
No two eyes are the same and there is no such thing as a standard patient. Eye examinations should be tailored for the individual and additional tests may be required. We have invested heavily in new technology at Firstsight Opticians because you sight comes first.

We are here to serve you

If you are no longer able to attend the practice due to disability or illness we can arrange to visit you in your home. All eye examinations are FREE of charge in Scotland.

At Firstsight Opticians we are the first port of call for any eye emergencies. A patient calling the practice will be assessed and treated as required.
While you sleep, these specially designed contact lenses gently and gradually re-shape the front of the eye. Thus, allowing a non-surgical, reversible procedure to correct your vision.