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Ear Wax Removal

Trouble hearing? Or did you push that cotton swab a little too deep this time? A clogged ear from ear wax buildup is at best annoying and at worst a prelude to hearing loss. So how can you best handle ear wax woes?


Ear Wax, What is it?

Ear wax is a common cause of tinnitus and hearing loss particularly sudden hearing loss.

Earwax is supposed to be there and is not unhealthy or dirty. It is in fact a cleaning mechanism for your ear and is produced by little glands deep inside the ear canal. In theory when these glands produce wax little hairs in the outer ear should push the wax along the ear canal and it should pop out the entrance to your ear. Earwax lubricates the ear canal which helps keep the ear free from dust and all types of bacteria.

Let us take a look at your ears

Types of Treatment


By far the safest form of ear wax removal mostly because unlike syringing or irrigation when we carry out wax removal by micro suction we have full visibility of the procedure. Another benefit of microsuction wax removal is it can be carried out almost immediately with no requirement to put oil in for a week beforehand.

This results in a far more convenient way to have ear wax removed especially if you have to go on holiday within the week! Microsuction ear wax removal is also safe for people who have had middle ear problems especially perforated ear drums and problems with vertigo.

One Ear – £40
Two Ear – £60

*There will be charge of £20 if the consultation shows no wax removal is required.

Ear Wax?

Is All Ear Wax The Same?

No, far from it. Some ear wax is very dry while some earwax can be wet and sticky. Some earwax can be flaky and stuck to the skin and others can fall into little sticky peace’s as you remove it from the ear. If we carry out 12 microsuction ear wax removals in a day you can guarantee that everyone will offer a different challenge. Not only that everyone’s ear canal will be different shapes.

Even carrying out ear wax removal on the same person across both their ears can be a totally different challenge. Your ears are asymmetrical, and your ear wax can have a totally different density and mass. So, one ear could take 10 mins to clean and the other could take 20 minutes.

Say NO to Cotton Buds

We don't recommend the use of Cotton Buds

Ear wax is trying to migrate out your ear in a natural order. If you put a thick cotton bud down your ear canal which may only be a centimetre high all you will do is push the wax further in and impact it. You also run the very real risk of rupturing your ear drum. Your ear drum is 0.1 mm thick and is no match for a cotton bud. Don’t do it!